We are two business-owning, real-life guys with a passion for hot rods who want to be all in for our families and cultivate a clean and supportive environment in our shop.

“There was a man sent from God,
whose name was John. This man came for a witness, to
bear witness of the
Light, that all through him might believe.” John 1:6-7

Jon and Jonathan, brothers in Christ, decided on the name "Bear Brothers" during their Bible study when they recognized a common bond between two other men
who also shared the same name. There once was a friend of Jesus, a man named
John, who introduced another man named John known better as “John the
Baptist” in a self-titled letter now referred to as the Gospel of John.

What is a Bear Brother? A man who partners with other men to restore the old and
broken, and builds all things new while bearing witness to Christ.

Meet Jon

Jon Mills, co-founder of Bear Brothers, can be found managing the shop on a day-to-day basis overseeing client builds, collaborating with manufacturers, sharing updates on BB social media accounts and scouring “Bring-a-Trailer” for our next best project. Jon has always had a passion for trucks and has been building trucks for years, like his favorite build “Big Mama”! He has always dreamt of turning his hobby into a trade and now gets to live that dream. Whenever he can Jon also loves running, playing basketball with his kids and going to 30A with his family.

meet jonathan

Jonathan “Grizz” Yates, co-founder of Bear Brothers, is usually on the road between offices on his phone putting out fires or connecting with clients. At Bear Brothers Grizz has been able to marry his passion for artistic design and eye for finished projects with his keen mind for business and personal enjoyment connecting with people. With a love for trucks since childhood, BB is just as much play as it is work! But when he has down time he enjoys being with his wife and kids at home or traveling together.

meet maegen

Maegen Mills is joint owner of Bear Brothers and wife to Jon Mills. After graduating the police academy, Maegen married Jon and settled into her role as wife and business owner as they began starting their family. She has spent the last decade supporting Jon’s ideas, ambitions and dreams while co-running multiple businesses and raising their four children ranging from 3 to 8 years old. Once the last of their kids starts school Maegen hopes to expand her role with Bear Brothers in marketing, merchandise and assisting Jon with the never-ending daily tasks of shop life. Maegen loves hiking, getting lost in a good book and enjoying a cup of coffee in bed on the weekend.

meet heather

Heather Yates is joint owner of Bear Brothers and wife to Jonathan “Grizz” Yates. Early in her career she practiced law and politics. After they began to grow their family through adoption she transitioned to serving in women’s ministry, has since written two books and uses her passion for speaking and writing in a variety of ways — including on her website and here at Bear Brothers where she helps to make our message clear. Most of her time is spent managing businesses with Grizz and raising their 10 year old daughter and new baby boy, but when she can relax she enjoys walking or watching Korean dramas.

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