“Restoring the Old – Building the New”

“Restoring the Old – Building the New”


About Us

Bear Brothers Est. 2019


What is a Bear Brother? A man who partners with other men to restore the old and broken, and builds all things new.

About Us


Bear Brothers - Est. 2019

“Our business formed out of a friendship. We are just two business-owning real-life guys who want to be all-in for our families and who share a love for hot rods.  Oh, and a name!


The Beginning

Jonathan and Jon began meeting at 6:00am Tuesday mornings at a local Cracker Barrell in 2017 in hopes of growing in faith and wisdom. They had no ideathat those talks would form roots for a new entrepreneurial adventure together too!


The Name

Jon and Jonathan decided on the name Bear Brothers after noticing a common bond between two other men who shared the same name. There once was a friend of Jesus, a man named John, who introduced another man named John known better as “John the Baptist” in a self-titled letter now referred to as the Gospel of John. In his introduction John said of John: “There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. This man came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all through him might believe.” John 1:6-7. What is a Bear Brother? A man who partners with other men to restore the old and broken, and builds all things new. 

- Jon and Jonathan are passionate about restoring the old and building the new when it comes to trucks – but also for other men, too. 

- Whether it’s custom building trucks, running businesses, or serving their families, a Bear Brother lives to “bear witness of the Light” – and sees that a community of men experience restoration too…

The Crew



“I’ve always loved trucks. When I was a kid I’d pile up the couch cushions so I could sit up high and pretend I was a trucker – so getting to buy run-down trucks at the end of their road and then re-build them into show pieces, it’s a dream come true really.” – Jonathan



“There’s something about creating something with my hands that can perform beyond expectations – something with speed and horsepower…it’s just a lot of fun!” – Jon



Heather brings the ability to see long term opportunities and puts what we are about into words.



Maegen is a social media guru that has the ability to turn a vision into a brand.